Upload maximum products as possible, because it is the first thing that customers search for.

More products = more chances of visibility

Bring as much “STAR RATING” as possible on your Store. Ask your customers to give you Star Rating and reviews. Remember Customers Trust upon Those Sellers that have the maximum number of Reviews with High Star Rating. There is a Filter button on the search panel. Customers have the option to choose for “MOST RATED”, “MOST REVIEWED” and “SEARCH BY RATING”.

Upload Clear and attractive Images. Customers get connected to those products which are easy to understand and have clear visibility.

Caution! Don’t upload heavy images; it will take lots of time to open on mobile. The smaller your image size, the faster your load speeds. Heavy images take time to show they move the customer to other options. Try to keep JPEG images between 200 kb to 500 kb. Light color uniform background is most preferred.

Fill and complete your Profile Data on the setting inside “Vendor Dashboard”. Customers want to know more about the store where they are going to visit physically to buy. Complete and accurate information creates trust. Inadequate information creates a gap to connect. Remember our Gems & Jewelry Industry completely runs upon Trust.
More accurate Information = More Customers

Vendors must show their store location on the Map (as close as possible). Remember, the search result shown is completely based upon Google Map Geolocation.          

Customers can search for either products or suppliers. Both of them cannot be found direct. Customers need to select the category first. Inside the category, products and suppliers are visible. So, when a vendor uploads products, he must select the “PRODUCT CATEGORY“. Similarly, at the time of Store Registration, the vendor needs to select “STORE CATEGORY” that represents their business. If a business owner does not select the store category, customers will never be able to find them directly.

Choose the appropriate and relevant “Product Category” while uploading your product. The first thing that Customers click is Category.
Inside the Category they find products.

Always choose the relevant “Tag” while uploading a product. Tags help the product to get searched and filtered.             

Activate the “CHAT NOW” button on your store. Customers use this facility when they are surfing your product. Try to always get logged in the “vendor dashboard” and answer the customer question instant when they are surfing your product live. Doing this, you gain the faith of the customer and create maximum chances to let them visit your physical store.

Customers often hesitate to live chat by clicking the “CHAT NOW” button; rather they like to contact vendors with “GET SUPPORT” Button. Reply to them, whenever you get time. It will create your reputation and push the customers to visit your store again. 

Tell your customers and other vendors to click the “FOLLOW STORE” button. Doing this will let your store to add their Following List. This will enable them to receive regular updates from your store. The frequency of your store visitors will increase. 

There are two types of Prices visible on the products page. A normal customer can see only the Regular Price (Retail Price) but a wholesale Customer can see both Regular Price and wholesale price. A person can never become a wholesale customer until he/she is verified to have a GST REGISTRATION for the Gems and Jewelry industry. Wholesale is allowed only for the Store Owners on the Du-Gemology website. So, apply to become a wholesale customer, so that you can see the nearby “B to B” wholesale deals. 

Always try to mention both “Regular price” and “wholesale price” while uploading products. Doing this, you become a local wholesaler between other vendors who can see wholesale prices too. 


We want real customers should reach real Suppliers that have real stock. There is an option of “report abuse” beside every single product view page. It is strictly notified that after two verified “REPORT ABUSE” the store account will be suspended. 

If you have any suggestion please write on the comment to help me improve the community.

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