We Love Gemology

Gem and Jewelry industry is very vast to touch all its aspects. Still, we have tried our best to serve you as much as we can. Here is the list of services that we provide.

What We Do


We test your specimen and issue report whether it be a Gemstone or a Loose Diamond or a piece of Mounted diamond jewelry.


We provide Education services both Online and Offline regarding Diamond's Business and Gemstone Identification.


We love to answer all queries sitting face to face, whether it be regarding identification or valuation of Diamonds.


Our Research team is doing research upon the valuation of diamonds so that we can provide current market prices to you.


Our clients buy Gemstones/Diamonds/Diamond Jewelry based upon the Valuation report we issue.


We provide a platform to sell Your Diamonds & Diamond Jewelry, based upon the Valuation report we issue.

"I will be happy to help you to solve your Gemology related query, whether it be anything related to the Testing of a Gemstone/diamond/Jewelry​, or related to the education of Gems and Diamond. If you want to know the valuation of your Diamonds and Diamond jewelry, you can take an appointment for a one to one consultancy. We research diamond valuation too. we can help you buy or sell your Gemstone/diamond/Jewelry at the most appropriate price."
Uday Dey
Owner / Gemologist