We provide education both Online and Offline for the Gems/Diamonds/Diamond Jewelries. Our educational courses comply with the industry standards which are widely accepted by the jewelers. If you have any Education related Questions or Query then please feel free to contact us on +91-7678337365 or +91-8810290039. You can WhatsApp us or leave us a message. Education is opened from Monday to Friday, from 9 am to 5 pm.

Diamond Grading and Valuation Course

The Course is based on Loose Polished Diamonds. The primary focus is given upon 4 C's. Separation of Diamonds from Simulants and Synthetic, Treatment, weight estimation & Fancy Cut are the other beauty of this course. The most important part is the valuation of Diamonds, which we are experts in.

Diamond Assorting and Valuation Course

This Course is based on small size diamonds. mixed packets of diamonds are given to the students for Assorting. The students separate those diamonds based upon Color, Clarity, Cut and Value. Tweezer, Eye Loupe, and Tripod are the main tools for Assorting. This Course delivers 98% Practical Training.

Gem stone Identification Basic Course

This course is conducted upon Cut and Polished Gemstones. This is a Business course for Gemstones which includes Identification Stones, Separation of a Natural Stone from its Synthetic counterpart, detection of Treatments and many more. This course is available both Online and Offline.

Gemstone Identification Advance Course

This is a Pro course on Gemology. This course is available for those students who have completed the "Gemstone Identification Basic Course". The advanced technique for Gemstone identification is taught in this course. This course is specially developed for those who want to start the Gem Testing Lab

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